Email Sentiment Analysis

Recently I've become interested in doing some sentiment analisys on my email. Email is one of the often overlooked goldmines of user data. Previous work at SendGrid and Return Path have given me some insight into this. I was also discussing the value of this with a coworker, further increasing my interest. So far I've tried a few approaches.


When I was in college, I made a small script that would try and analyze the amount of time one spent looking for articles, and the amount of time one spent actually reading. To my surprise, for myself and friends, it's about half and half. That means we spend nearly *half* of our 'reading' time just looking for something good to read...

The Bay Area, First Impressions

As I walk down the crackled sidewalk, the child in me still tries to avoid stepping on the lines. I breath in the half fresh, half polluted air. I walk by a homeless man begging, and toss him one of the clif bars in my backpack. Once I reach my destination, a coffee shop, I walk in to find countless people in converse shoes and hipster glasses. There's a large tub in the middle, filled with coffee beans. The beans are being slowly stirred around under heat, releasing the most wonderful aroma. I make my order, sit by the window, and wait.

Software Engineering Interviews

A little while ago I was graduating college, and looking for a job. During that time, I spent a lot of my days gathering knowledge that could help me during technical interviews. I wanted to be able to pull off the perfect one, and come off as professional, knowledgeable, and above all, kickass.