The Builder's High, v2

This post is inspired by The Builder’s High (as in these were my notes on it before I decided to turn them into a short article). While reading through Michael’s piece, I felt he was touching on something, but didn’t hit it home quite the way I would, though I throughly enjoyed the read. So, I’ll get high, and elaborate on my thoughts.

I’ve actually thought a lot on the topic. It’s very true, for whatever reason, we humans get a high when we create something, and put it out in the world. The feeling can hardly be compared to any other feeling, it’s incredible. The quote set as my desktop background is this:

There is no happiness, except in the realization that we have accomplished something. — Henry Ford

I love so many things about this quote, the fact that accomplished is past tense being chief among them. It’s not necessarily fun going through the process of making something, but the feeling after is amazing. To me, ‘accomplished something’ means ‘build something.’ Social networks capitalize on this human condition.

Facebook, Twitter, Zynga games - they all rely on these little highs we get when creating something. A tweet. A post. An Instagram photo. The latest crop. They’re all mini rewards.

Regardless of total cost, one big thing is often far better then a few small things. This applies to building things, too. A bunch of small Facebook posts hardly equate to building some big X, even though they may have taken the same amount of time and effort to make.

Go make something big.

Thanks for proofreading, Lindsey, MK, Alice, and Alex.